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Nature of down payment assistance is ever changing

The question becomes - in today's world - where can I find down payment assistance help?

Just a few years ago, it seemed there were limitless options for first time homebuyers to get free money. If one goes back to most of those sources, you'll find most of those are no longer available. Community programs have shifted. Many communities are now using the same dollars to fix up and sell property in disrepair, and then only offering grants for the properties they are selling themselves.

While you'll still find many grant programs available, they are fragmented. Some banks now offer their own assistance. New bond programs have been developed, and the State finance agencies have become more important due to the lack of community programs. This is why it's ever so important to align your self with a local expert who knows the local programs in your area.

If you are a lender or Realtor, this is also why we need you to join us as a volunteer! Rest assured, however, those who need assistance can email us at info@downpaymentgrants.net and we will find a local expert for you, or help you from our central office if there are none available!

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