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Find your own homebuyer grant

If you're the kind of person who wants to figure it all out yourself, it's certainly possible to find your own grants. There are a variety of resources available to you to assist you in this mission, including this website. You can also call for help at 1-800-346-6110 Ext 1001.

Understand that just because a grant program exists, it doesn't mean that

  • it is available in the  your desired location to buy a home in
  • the program still has funds available
  • you meet the income standards required by the program
  • you meet the credit criteria required by the program
  • the lender you choose is compatible with the grant program

You'll need to really comprehend all of the program's requirements and have the ability to analyze all of your own circumstances relative to those requirements.

There is no one place, today, where all grants can be found. There are many reasons for this such as


  • Most grants have limited funds, so they are not always available
  • Grant programs are often offered by community development foundations who are not marketing professionals
  • Grants and down payment assistance programs come and go as governmental, corporate, and private funding sources increase or decrease funding allocations
  • New community grant program applications are being worked on continually. Some funds are very limited and there is no reason for them to be marketed


This is why we rely on industry professionals in each community who are well connected and normally well informed about various programs.


The website is being continually updated, and we are looking for additional industry professionals to join our mission who share our vision: Give to our community by volunteering time educating consumers and fellow industry professionals about available down payment assistance programs. It's the right thing to do, and it will help more people buy homes.

It's good for our communities, and good for our industry and economy.

This website is designed to be the best, one stop resource for Down Payment Assistance and Down Payment Grants anywhere. The commitment of our industry professionals makes all of the difference!